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So, a few months ago, I was shopping at Marc’s. I only ran in for one little thing (vanilla), but since I had extra time to kill while my oven at home was pre-heating, I began to meander the aisles. I stopped immediately when my eyes landed on a beautiful painting, priced at a reasonable, oh, $4.99. The frame was old and sort of outdated looking, but I was focused on the painting itself. I removed it from the frame and found a nice little spot for it in our home.

Fast forward many weeks when I stumbled upon said frame, collecting dust in my craft closet. Now, I had options. “Just throw it away,” the organization freak in me whispered. Then another voice piped up: “D.I.Y. it!” (No, I don’t have multiple personalities. Just being expressive for the sake of the story. Don’t worry.) But, that second thought was a good one… who evenĀ amĀ I if I don’t utilize every opportunity for a craft?!?!

Whether it’s an old frame that just doesn’t match your style anymore, an old piece you pick up at a garage sale, or it is just time to make your space a little more unique, you can do it yourself. Today I will walk you through the steps of revamping an old picture frame into a cute, modern piece you will love to have in your home!

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