2016 Summer Trend (& Six Pieces You NEED)

The beginning of each new summer always seems to usher in a trendy new style craze. From backpacks to button-downs to bookshelf decor, it just seems as if you cannot escape the madness! Walk into any Target, Forever 21, or similar store and, likely, the featured items will have been tainted by the year’s newest fad. If you are having a difficult time remembering some of our past obsessions, let’s take a moment to walk down memory lane.

Remember when every sort of item just HAD to be covered in an Aztec print?


Or that summer where the world turned neon again?

How about the sudden interest in anything with a mustache plastered on it?

I could continue, but as I began to download photos for another gallery of examples, I thought it was best to spare you. I’m sure you can imagine the rest. Two other trends that stand out in my mind are the owl craze (soo many bad owl puns silk-screened onto average looking T-shirts) and the everything-has-to-be-gold-and-white-craze (which I may or may not currently STILL be obsessed with…). Considering I devoted a whole entire room in our house to that style, hopefully it will not seem passé anytime soon.

What is the point of all this, you ask? (Besides sweet, reminiscent memories.) Well, lately I have sensed a new craze coming on, or maybe I’m late and just hopping on board now. Either way, I can’t help but notice the summer trend of 2016…


Now, before you roll your eyes thinking to yourself, “Fruit, really?!”, just ponder for a moment. A summery, sweet treat, vividly colored, and unique enough to stand out among its fruity competition- can’t you see why designers (and buyers) are just eating this pattern up? (Pun 1000% intended.) However, this new “trend” is actually more of a resurgence of an older, traditional design concept and popular accessory. These exotic fruits symbolized hospitality and graciousness, consequently often ending up in places welcoming guests and friends, such as foyers and dining rooms. Nowadays, the pineapple motif extends from just doorknockers and 1970’s-esque wallpaper; here are six modern ways you can incorporate the bright, exotic design into your everyday life!

Pineapple Pool Float ($25). How fun is this? If you want to be the hit at the next pool party, you can find one at Francesca’s or Toys R Us!

Lilly Pulitzer metallic flats ($158). The thin ankle strap is so in right now! (And for a cheaper option, Lilly designed a line of sandals exclusively for Target, and you can still find some NWT on Poshmark!)

cutting boardMarble and Acacia Serving Board from Anthropologie ($68). Gorgeously handcrafted. I especially like the thin gold brass accent (combines 2 perfect trends). Perfect for a summer soirée.


Cotton tote bag from the Target $5 and below section. Fun, bright, and playful!


Modern Throw Pillows ($6.99 ea) from AliExpress. I love the simplicity of the design and the fun pop of color. There are additional styles (non-pineapple) that would provide the perfect finish to your collection.


Pineapple Wire Wrapped Bracelet ($16) from Etsy. Click on the photo to add one of these adorable gold bangles to the ever-growing stack on your wrist!

So grab yourself a piña colada and let me know- what are your fashion obsessions this summer?! Have you “hopped on” the pineapple bandwagon yet? I know I have!

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