Do “Blue Light Glasses” Actually Work – Pixel Eyewear Review

Blue Light Glasses - Do They Really Work?

Hi, guys!

As a blogger and member of the Gen-Z gang, I spend an embarrassing amount of time looking at screens. My eyes were beginning to go CRAZY with my laptop for work, iPad for reading, and iPhone for, well, everything else on the daily.

So I was super excited when Pixel Eyewear agreed to send me a free pair of their own blue light glasses for my honest review.

The problem is…

…screens like your computer and cell phone emit an eyestrain-inducing blue light. Blurred vision and dryness of the eyes are the most common signs of eyestrain. In addition to these issues, I was even getting headaches towards the end of my workday, another common effect of prolonged blue light exposure.

Not to mention, scientists claim that extensive blue light exposure throughout the day can affect how easily we fall asleep at night! And, it gets worse; in the long run, blue light exposure can contribute to issues like cataracts and even age-related macular degeneration.

While my symptoms of blue light-induced eye fatigue were uncomfortable, I really decided to take this issue seriously once I found out about those scary, long-term consequences.

And, that is why I was so happy when I found out about…

Blue Light Glasses - Do They Really Work? Pixel Eyewear Review

… Pixel Eyewear’s Blue Light Glasses! (A.K.A. Computer Glasses)

I’ll cut to the chase – I am absolutely in LOVE with my Pixel Computer Glasses. So far, I’ve worn them for about a week, averaging around 8 hours per day of screen-time.

All of my eyestrain symptoms have pretty much vanished! I’m no longer getting blurred vision or headaches towards the end of a long day on my laptop. I can really tell a difference when I’m wearing my glasses.

One common question I received this week was if they “make things look different” and the answer is no. You cannot really tell a difference in colors when you are wearing the lenses versus without. This is especially helpful if you do any form of digital art and need to differentiate between similar colors.

The blue light glasses themselves are super light but sturdy. I’ve worn plenty of pairs of glasses in my lifetime (since Kindergarten) and these are definitely some of the most comfortable I’ve had.

Check out my video below for my full review:

In case you like my pair and want to be #twinsies, the style is called “Meru” and the color is Matte Navy!

I Have a Surprise For You!

Have you been “on-the-fence” about purchasing a pair of blue light glasses? Or, maybe you didn’t know the long term-consequences until now? Either way, Pixel Eyewear gave me a very special discount code for you, my loyal readers!

Check out their website here, and, at checkout, use my code “lexisrose5” for $5 off your first purchase!

Happy shopping!

Don’t forget to find me on Instagram so we can keep in touch, and be sure to tag me in any photos you post of your new glasses – I’d love to see which ones you pick!

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