Inspiration Board – Pt. One (January 2017)

inspiration board fashion pink feminine

Inspiration Board (noun) – a collection of appealing or purposeful images and quotes artfully arranged to illicit a brainstorm, evoke inspiration, and incite pursuance of an idea or goal; also known as: mood board, vision board

Right now I am obsessed with softer, feminine pieces that are timeless no matter how fashions change. Trends come and go, but a respectable and classy style will remain fashionable forever. I love the idea of embracing gentle warm hues during the winter months when everything seems to be so dreary and gray.


(None of the photos above are my own; all credits go to the original owners. All images were found on Pinterest.)

Let me know what you thought of my board; are there any photos on here that inspired or intrigued you? What are some of your current obsessions? I always like to hear your feedback 🙂

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