It’s Fall, Y’all! 

I know, I know; autumn doesn’t officially begin until September 22, but by mid-August, I’m tired of the heat, sun, and swimming. Not to mention, the back-to-school advertisements everywhere cause a creeping feeling in me that I cannot deny:


I have loved this season since I can remember. Summer is fun and all, but once you realize the best part about it was a vacation from school, and as an adult, there is no extended period of time off during your year, reality sets in. Summer, shlummer- amirite? SO much better are the cooler, breezy days, the magnificently colorful leaves, bon fires on a chilly night to cuddle up with your loved ones, apple cider at football games, and, especially, the fashion of autumn!

Let me reiterate: the fashion of fall (pauses while every girl swoons thinking of comfy flannels, new boots, and cute scarves). So that is what I want to talk about today. In all my autumnal-excitement, I’ve been dying to go shopping and amp up my wardrobe for the imminent season. Here are some items of inspiration that I’ve been dreaming of:


Item One:

Crystalline Color Block Dress

This color-blocked shift dress is perfect for the changing weather that autumn brings- the half sleeves, rounded neck, and neutral hues are very season-appropriate. I think this dress would be adorable – and comfortable – with some leggings and cute boots! Choosing the right pieces of jewelry could make this outfit work for running errands and date night! Who doesn’t love an outfit that can be multi-purposed?!

Items Two and Six:

Michael Kors Luxe Two-Toned Curb Chain Necklace paired with the Luxe Hinged Bangle Bracelet in Green

Can we just take a moment to admire these beautifully crafted pieces? The gradual increase in the links of the necklace is subtle and charming, while the bracelet adds not too much- just the perfect accent! By the way, forest green is a great way to add some color to your outfit without looking too summery or bright. I love how simple yet put together this pair looks, as if it’s saying, “Oh, this outfit? I just threw it on.” *wink*

Item Three:

Burberry Silk Trench Coat in Bright Copper Pink

So, you know those days when it’s not warm enough to forgo an outer layer completely, but not cool enough yet to pull out the heavy-duty jackets and coats? Enter my favorite fashion component: the trench coat. I absolutely love the color of this one; even though it is called ‘bright copper pink’, it resembles more of a ‘burnt sienna’ to me. Either way, on a gray fall day, you’ll feel confident in a jacket as beautiful and vibrant as the leaves on the trees.

Item Four:

Michael Kors Women’s Lake Plum Leather Strap Watch

Another one of my absolute favorite colors for fall is plum! This watch combines that, with my rose gold obsession (see: here), to create a beautiful, warm-toned piece. The color scheme helps add just the right amount of femininity to the modern square face and sleek white dial. It’s definitely a piece I would have trouble taking off.

Item Five:

Johnston & Murphy Quilted Vest in Navy

Vests are another great way to add a little warmth to a chilly outfit- think football games and bon fires! The faux suede and corduroy detailing on this diamond quilted vest is a simple, rustic touch, and the zippered pockets are great for safely holding all your belongings- or your hands when they get cold! The layered look is always in style, and allows for some creative expression with your outfit. You could wear an opposing, bold color underneath, you could complement the vest with a matching plaid flannel, or you could wear your vest over a comfy jean jacket for cute, rustic look!

Item Six:

See: Item Two. 🙂

Item Seven:

Button Front Mini Skirt in Olive Green from The Limited

This skirt takes me back down memory lane, particularly to college-aged Rory Gilmore (let’s take a moment of excitement for the revival season coming this fall- eek!) Anyway, when I started to see these A-Line mini skirts in stores again, my heart did a small leap for joy. Classy yet casual, this chic skirt is great when you feel like dressing for fall, even if the temperatures are not cooperating yet. Then when it does get chilly, add some cute tights, booties, and a scarf on top and you are good to go! The buttons on this skirt add a great visual component as well; they draw your eye up and down, visually elongating your body, which can help you seem thinner and taller (think: the horizontal-stripes-making-you-look-wider trick).

Item Eight:

Jeffrey Campbell Taggart Ankle Boots

While I may have initially been drawn to the color of these boots, the cool and sassy lattice cutouts really made me take a second look. We have the entire winter season to be concerned with staying warm and completely bundled up, so I appreciate how these shoes are more open and airy. The small stacked block heel gives a little bit of height while still keeping the comfort and versatility to a maximum.

Item Nine:

Kate Spade Anderson Way Lietta Crossbody Bag in Barrel Brown

This Italian bag immediately caught my eye, but I can honestly say I was surprised when I noticed it was a Kate Spade! The dark suede and black beading seem so different from everything I’ve seen recently, almost giving off a Western vibe (as opposed to the usual lighter, quirky, and perky purses by KS)- and I love it! This color is perfect for cooler weather, and it has plenty of room inside to stash keys, your wallet- maybe even a sweater! And, as always, the lining on the inside is oh-so-cute: perfect little polka dots, just another sweet touch for an awesome fall bag.

Item Ten:

Everywhere and Any Flair Flat in Tan from Modcloth

What do you wear when sandals seem too summery, but you aren’t ready to pull out the boots yet? A cute pair of neutral, closed-toed flats! This taupe pair caught my eye immediately due to the trendy, scalloped edging. I love the ankle-strap and slight raised heel, giving these flats a more supportive feel- perfect for long walks through magnificently colored trees, or shopping all day for new fall pieces.

So, there you have it- my 10 choices of inspiration for this upcoming season!


What about you? What are your favorite fall staples? Is there anything that you are obsessed with this season? I want to hear about it! 🙂

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