My Favorite Color is Rose Gold

When asked as a child, my favorite color was always blue. As I grew older, I began to love pink. Then, I entered my twenties, and stepped it up a notch in terms of sophistication: rose gold, my obsession. Resurging from a popular trend in the 1920’s, rose gold appears to be taking over the fashion industry and lives of women everywhere!

So what exactly is this pretty metal? Well, as given by the name, it is part of the gold family; the rosy tones appear when a copper alloy is added. A fractional amount of silver is also added in order to balance out the red hues from the copper, resulting in the perfectly pink piece of jewelry. Eighteen karat rose gold is typically comprised of about 75% gold, 22.5% copper, and 2.75% silver.

Plus, whereas white gold symbolizes friendship and yellow gold represents faithfulness, rose gold typically signifies love. And who doesn’t love love?

Anyway, recently I realized that I own way too many items in the aforementioned shade. Instead of making a list or thinking of ideas on how to add variety to my wardrobe, I decided to gather my favorite rose gold items together and blog about it. (Thanks for indulging in my procrastination, friends!)

purse 2

Item #1: Kate Spade New York Newbury Lane Sally Crossbody


This is my favorite purse for a nice night out. Aside from the color and sleek gold hardware, I’m obsessed with the texture; the cross-hatched leather gives this lil’ bag so much character. And can we not forget the adorable quilted lining on the inside? So cute and chic I’m almost prompted to keep my purse open all the time 😉

Item #2: Apple iPhone 6s


Many of us would likely admit to rarely being without our cell phones; mine is usually in my hand, my purse, or hanging tentatively out of my back pocket. So shouldn’t something this visible not only be functional but also fashionable? I think so. Thanks, Apple, for one of my favorite feminine accessories.

Item #3: Express Women’s Mirrored Lens Aviator Sunglasses


These sunglasses are my go-to fashion necessity! They are sophisticated yet casual, timeless in style, and the rose gold mirrored lenses add the perfect warm glow to any outfit. I bought these on a whim at the checkout on Black Friday since everything in the store was 50% off, and it was one of the best decisions ever!

Item #4: Glo Professional Lip Gloss in Rose Gold


This is my favorite gloss to throw on quickly, whether I’m rushing out the door for work or going out on a fancy date! It’s natural enough to wear every day, but gives you just a little something extra to look polished and put together. It’s not sticky, doesn’t smear all over your teeth, and has good pigmentation.  Bonus: all of the Glo-Minerals glosses are loaded with moisturizing, nourishing ingredients- and it makes a difference! I’m a self-proclaimed chapstick addict, and I can wear this gloss all day without having to reapply or feeling like my lips are starting to dry out.

Item #5: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Terra-Coppa (Shade No. 660)


Obsessed with this color, and this line of nail polish in general! The terra copppa color is similar to rose gold, but is not pearly; in fact, if you look closely, it resembles more of a glitter polish- without the rough, flaky texture. The instructions for achieving a gel-like manicure only require two steps: start with the color of your choosing, then add the top coat. No light needed, and your manicure will last for two weeks.

While I don’t think the polish stays perfect for the full duration claimed, it definitely lasts longer and looks better than normal store bought polish. I usually cannot keep my nails painted for more than three days without chipping or fading, but the Miracle Gel line lasted for me for over a week before I started noticing some cracks and fading. I give it two, shiny pink, thumbs up.

Item #6: Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s Multi-Strand Charm Bracelet


This is the cutest daintiest bracelet I have ever seen (so difficult to photograph for the same reason). The charms include a rhinestone encrusted heart, a flower with rose gold petals, and a gray rose, along with tiny pearls in between. The opposite side (not shown in photo) is comprised of three skinny chain link strands. It’s the perfect piece to wear with a simple outfit that needs just a bit of ‘bling’. Similar ones can be found here.

Are there any rose gold items that have you going crazy right now? Let me know what you are loving! 🙂

Statistics on rose gold components found here.

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