Not Your Grandma’s Sweater – What To Wear Spring 2017

Hey, friends!

I want to open with a straightforward confession: I struggled for longer than normal with how to begin this post. Usually, when I sit down and type, the words just begin to flow. Today, though, I felt as if I had an obstruction to my normal progress.

That obstruction? The unavoidable discussion of my absence from this blog. *sad face*

I checked – just to be sure – and, as I thought, it has been over one month since my last blog post! *double sad face*

Ready for another confession? I don’t even have a good excuse for going all ‘AWOL’ on y’all. Life has just been… life. BUSY. See? I told you: LAME excuse. (It IS playoff season… give me a break! Go PENS! Go CAVS!) The lack of free time hinders crafting, trying new recipes, and basically anything that creates media for an intriguing blog post. (Though we DID travel a bit… more on that to come!)

So, from the bottom of my heart, I apologize. (And I do have a few things a’ brewin’ – just sit tight!)

Anyway, enough with all those feelings and stuff. *shudder*

Today I wanted to share with you a trend that I am utterly OBSESSED with…

… embroidered fashion!

Embroidery has always been one of those elements that I’ve known since I was a child, but it never really appealed to me until recently. I used to generalize embroidery into a geriatric characteristic: embroidered pillows, embroidered quotes on fabric rings, floral embroidery on pullover sweatshirts, etc. etc… basically anything you would find in your grandmother’s home. That is, until recently…

Embroidery has taken a beautiful updating; instead of being reminiscent of something old-fashioned, embroidery has been used in a modern way, adding a timeless, classic flair to current fashions.

I started seeing many embroidered items on Pinterest, features in magazines, and even in local retailers and immediately fell in love with this refreshed trend. Take a look at some of these pieces; they are so feminine and enduring and add a wonderful level of detail to a piece that may otherwise feel a bit stale and bland.

Embroidery adds a level of sophistication to fashion as well, as each design is so unique. Anyone can have a polka-dotted pencil skirt or striped pants, but how many times have you seen a pattern like the ones above? The intricacy of embroidery allows for a certain extension of individuality, making a “standing-out-in-the-crowd”-type statement.

Needless to say, I am hooked on modern embroidered fashions (GET IT, hooked?? I think it’s punny! Isn’t embroidery done with a hook? Or is that crochet… ah, well… anyway!)

This summer, I am definitely going to try to incorporate some new embroidered pieces into my wardrobe. How about you? Which of the styles above did you like the best? Leave me a comment below and let me know how you feel about this style. 🙂

As always, friends, thanks for reading (and I will have more exciting blog posts coming for you shortly!!)

I do not own any of the above images; all original photos can be found on my Pinterest board (here) for credit to the original owners. 

  1. Alexa says:

    I love embroidery, especially on skirts with a little sparkle! I have a few and I call them my ‘old lady wallpaper’ skirts

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