Unboxing the iPhone 7

After many weeks months of anticipation, the iPhone 7 was finally released. Every UPS and FedEx driver in America worked double time to deliver millions of tiny, white boxes to excited customers.

Because of all the ‘hype’ the past few weeks regarding Apple’s changes, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this device and see exactly what was different from the current and past iPhones. There were many rumors of what would be affected by the removal of the headphone jack; there was also discussion of the new “home” button, or, moreover, the lack thereof. And what about the camera, yet again being upgraded to something “bigger and better”?

I wanted to un-box my iPhone with you, my readers. Hopefully, this will help quell any anxieties, put an end to worried speculations, and give you an idea of what this iPhone is all about.

Let’s get the box opened:


In typical fashion, Apple includes a brand new 3-foot lightning USB charger cable and USB power adapter. Yay!

Another similar sight during unboxing is the set of wired EarPods. Yes, you read that correctly- wired headphones (Apple Airpods, the wireless headphones, are available for purchase for $159). If you notice closely, though, these EarPods have a lightning connector at the end, AKA: they plug into the same place on your phone that you use your charger with:

Apple so kindly includes with your iPhone 7 a lightning-to-headphone jack adaptor as well, pictured below:

This allows you to continue utilizing pretty much any type of technology with a headphone jack rather seamlessly, whether that be your favorite pair of headphones or an auxillary cord in your car. This adapter is thin and only a total of about two inches long. The only problem that arises from this, then, is the fact that you cannot charge your device and listen to music through your wired EarPods at the same time. If you wish to do so, you can purchase a Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar adapter produced by Belkin for $40. It will be released within the next month, and plugs into the lightning port on your phone, then allowing you to plug your charger and wired headphones into it. I, personally, don’t see this presenting a major issue; when I am listening to music on my headphones (at the gym, in the park, cleaning the house, etc.) I usually cannot be charging my phone at the same time. Similarly, at home, with my phone attached to the wall, I don’t need to use my headphones, and just choose to play music through the speakers. No matter how you use your phone, thankfully Apple partnered closely with Belkin in the production of the multi-adaptor, so we do have the option of a reasonably priced, Apple-approved solution.

Now, for the most important part of the unboxing: the phone itself!


I chose the gold color this time, and it is beautiful! As far as my eye can tell, Apple did not make major changes to the color or sheen of the Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver (the new addition to the mix is the Jet Black).

The sizes of the iPhone 7 and 6s are also very similar, with only a slight decrease in thickness (due to the removal of the headphone jack), as shown below:


There is a visible difference regarding the camera on the 7 versus the 6s, as the 7 boasts a 12 megapixel capture with optical image stabilization- even better for capturing pictures of all the food I eat (jokes). More testing is required before I can comment on the noticeable photo quality difference, but I did try some selfies earlier and they didn’t look terrible. 😉 I also really like the slight change in the back plates; if you notice, the iPhone 6s (right) appears to be divided into three sections, while the iPhone 7 (left) appears to only be one. It attributes to the sleek, streamlined look that Apple products have become synonymous with.


Lastly, I do want to comment on the change to the “home” button. When Apple announced they were removing the button and utilizing the pressure touch, I was a bit skeptical but figured that it does help add an extra layer of protection in terms of water and dust. It was very difficult to get used to at first, but after a few hours of playing around with my phone, I was unlocking is faster than on the 6s. Yes, faster. This is probably owed somewhat to the “raise to wake” feature new to Apple*, where, as your phone is lifted from a flat surface to the upright position, it automatically “wakes” your phone to your lock screen. Then, almost instantly, as my thumbprint hits the scanner, my phone is unlocked. The home “button” is easy to get used to for navigating around your phone as well, force closing apps and such.


Overall, I am very happy with the iPhone 7. I think the appearance is sleek and sophisticated, and Apple has made sure that the removal of the headphone jack will not majorly inconvenience its consumers. As always, a new iOS will have some bugs, but I’m sure Apple is working hastily to make sure that everything goes smoothly during this new release.

What do you think? Are you team 6 or team 7? Let me know your opinions on this latest device! 🙂


*Raise-to-wake is not new on the technology scene in general. My hubby boasted that for a few years his non-Apple devices have been equipped with this feature.

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