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“When words fail, music speaks.” -Hans Christian Anderson.

As a renowned poet and writer, I believe Anderson perfectly depicted a facet of our lives so common: music. Whether it is for relaxation, a career, everyday enjoyment, or in worship, we all are affected by the power of music. Combining specific instruments, melodies, and words can transmit overwhelming emotions to which one would not be inclined to feel otherwise. Some music conveys powerful messages, while other tunes bring peaceful, calming thoughts. The broadness of the term “music” is staggering, making it difficult to fully define in mere sentences. That being said, I am very excited to introduce the first ever installment of Music Monday!

This week, I happily present to you:

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The office is quiet, with only the soft hum-drum of keyboard typing and computer fans. The clock is ticking by, slower and slower, as it seems. Tick… tock… tick… the hand shifts to three o’clock.

Suddenly you begin to hear a noise. “What could that be?!” you mutter to yourself, “I haven’t seen anyone go into the break room since lunch”. Intrigued, and looking for something to bring a bit of vigor to the afternoon, you get up from your desk and go investigate.

From the moment you swing open the door, you know exactly who – or rather, WHAT – was calling your name…

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California is my favorite state. If at any time you catch me daydreaming, my mind has likely wandered to the Southern-most region of the West Coast. I had the pleasure to visit and explore Los Angeles last October and fell in love with the comfortable mix of an upbeat, modern city and the relaxed, carefree beach scene.

Then, this past April, Max and I were able to spend a week in San Diego to celebrate our second wedding anniversary.*  We loved every aspect of this location, from the perfectly seasonable weather to the indescribably beautiful ocean regions and the gorgeous city architecture; I just could not get enough of the wonderful San Diego.

Something else that Max and I really appreciated on this trip was the abundance of unique restaurants and cafes. No matter which meal we needed to eat, there was no lack of delicious options to try! So, if you are planning a trip to San Diego, pondering a visit to the West Coast, or you just like to look at photos of delicious food, here are our recommendations for great places to eat in San Diego!

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I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD probably more than the average person. I mean, I could eat lasagna every single day of my life with no qualms whatsoever.

Well, with only one qualm- the obvious injustice to my waistline. Because, really, all the gooey cheese and tasty carbs are Healthy-Eating-101 “no-no”s.

So what is a girl to do? Lightened up Italian, of course! Hence, this recipe was born; by replacing the carbs, adding some veggies, and combining a few diet-specific tweaks, we have created a delicious, healthy dinner that does not sacrifice taste!

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Food & Drinks

Inspiration Board (noun) – a collection of appealing or purposeful images and quotes artfully arranged to illicit a brainstorm, evoke inspiration, and incite pursuance of an idea or goal; also known as: mood board, vision board

Right now I am obsessed with softer, feminine pieces that are timeless no matter how fashions change. Trends come and go, but a respectable and classy style will remain fashionable forever. I love the idea of embracing gentle warm hues during the winter months when everything seems to be so dreary and gray.

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My wandering eyes followed their usual pattern while I was running on the treadmill this morning, eliciting thoughts such as:

  • How much is that person lifting?
  • How fast is my treadmill neighbor running? (It always feels like a competition…)
  • Any new headlines on one of the multiple channels broadcasting right now?
  • Hey, I think I know that person! *avoids eye contact because I look like a sweaty tomato*
  • Ugh, I wish I looked like that girl.

So on and so forth the dull musings continued until my eyes landed on two words boldly emblazoned on the wall above the TV screens:

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As do many, I love the feeling of waltzing out of a salon with fresh, smooth, colorful nails. Lately, I have been obsessed with gel manicures. Gel nail polish differs from regular polish as, after being “cured” under a UV or LED lamp, it hardens, providing intense shine and up to two or three weeks of flawless coverage, without chipping.

One of the downsides to gel manicures, though, is that they typically cost anywhere from $35 to $45 depending on the salon you choose.

My wallet says: “Ouch.”  What’s a girl to do?

Well, recently I began seeing in drug stores nail polish claiming to offer the same gel attributes mentioned above, without necessary salon-light exposure. These polishes were significantly cheaper (ranging anywhere from $2.00 to $12.00 per bottle/brand).

My initial thoughts? “Too good to be true…” *walks away* “…but, could it be?!” … *slowly walks back to the nail polish and grabs every bottle I can find*. I wanted to try every option as soon as I arrived home from the store!

Today, I bring the results to you!

Continue reading to see my thoughts on each polish, as I painted my nails and as time passed, to see which “gel” is really worth your time.

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Friday is a HIGHLY anticipated day for many; I, personally, have been counting down the days since September.

What is this big event, you ask? Well, no, it’s not Black Friday (even though I cannot wait to shop my heart out).

This Friday, Netflix will release the “Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life” revival episodes!


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Food & Drinks

Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by a love of carbs.

In fact, I don’t even know if you can call what I feel a “love”, really; it would be more accurately described as an inescapable addiction. *loaves of bread everywhere laugh villainously*

Anyway, in a concentrated effort to “clean up” mine and my hubby’s eating habits, I have attempted to replace typical carb-filled meal staples with healthier alternatives. This week, the aforementioned meal staple was rice! We love to eat Asian style food, so I tried to embrace the delicious goodness of fried rice while substituting out the actual carb-filled offender.

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A few weeks ago, I spent a cool, rainy afternoon modeling for photos taken by friend and photographer Marina, the talented artist behind Marina Claire Photography.

I received my photos two nights ago and, since that moment, have been bubbling with excitement to write this post- I couldn’t wait to share with you friends the beautiful pieces of art Marina created and captured!

We began inside my home, taking some “lifestyle” shots for upcoming posts and future ideas. I’m not featuring those images here, just yet, but if you check back often, likely you’ll see some new photos floating around the blog! I was simply amazed at how each and every picture turned out; Marina made the interior of my seemingly not-so-photogenic home look like a professional photo shoot backdrop. I’m telling you: she can do wonders behind a camera!

fall photography blogger rain autumn umbrella photo ideas
Oh, that’s me, spying on my neighbors.

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