About Me

“Tell me about yourself.”

“What defines you?”

“Why are you different from the rest?”

Questions we have all been asked at one time or another, whether on an interview, first date, or those obnoxious back-to-school activities every student dreaded on the first day.

“Who are you?” is an inquiry that seems simple. After all, who really knows us better than ourselves? So why, then, does it seem just so difficult to find the right words?

Questions like the aforementioned seem so closed and limiting as if there is only one correct answer. What if you don’t fit into a certain ‘type’ or description? What if there isn’t one specific trait that defines you, but a compilation of styles, interests, and unexplored joys?

Well, then you belong here.

My husband…

… a software engineer (and self-proclaimed geek) was encouraging me to delve into his world and learn a bit about programming. I agreed, always ready to learn something new and draw closer to my hubby. “To be a successful programmer,” he told me, “you have to want to see the finished product. You need to be motivated about the project in order to see it through to completion.”

He gave me some time to ponder over what type of website I wanted to create and my mind couldn’t help but wander back to my teen-aged years. So much of my free time at that point was devoted to watching ‘vlogs’ (video-blogs) online.

Eventually, my three younger sisters and I tried our hand as well, sitting in a dimly lit corner with a small digital camera to record our clips. They were mostly corny and filmed in low-quality, but we had so much fun and took advantage of all the resources (any free editing programs I could find online) available to us.

Ultimately, as we grew older, we had less time to spend on that hobby, and our videos became nothing but a fun (and slightly embarrassing) memory to look back on. Those flashbacks solidified what was a whispered idea in the back of my mind: I wanted to blog.

And that, my friends, is how I ended up here.

I don’t know exactly how I would describe myself. A few expressive adjectives just don’t seem like they would be sufficient. As do many of you, I have an innumerable amount of interests, hobbies, and obsessions. To limit my blog to just one topic did not seem feasible.

In this high-tech, multitasking society that we live, it seemed so rigid to only focus on one aspect of my life. After all, life is constantly changing, and the ability to adapt and expand our knowledge and creativity is what keeps us functioning.

I like to craft. I like to cook (eat). I enjoy photography and endless window shopping and browsing bookstores and dreaming of all the places in the world to which I’ve yet to visit. I enjoy many facets of life and am here to share my experiences.

So, this is my lifestyle blog. My name is Lexis.

Who are you? 🙂


Cover Photo By: Marina Claire & Co.