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diamond buttercream rose fault line cake with isomalt diamonds and piped buttercream flowers

Did It For The 'Gram

These are the estimates I use when baking to figure out how much American buttercream to make. For reference, my “standard” batch (3 cups) is made with 1 cup butter and 4 cups of powdered sugar, along with a few tsp of other ingredients. Keep in mind, the actual measurements do vary based on how much buttercream you use in between each layer and how you pipe it on. “More piped decor” refers to adding rosettes, stars, ribbons, etc. while “minimal piped decor” is simply a crumb coat and final coat with a small layer of buttercream in between each cake layer. If you’re worried you won’t have enough, I always recommend doubling the batch. It’s easier to freeze leftover buttercream than have to quickly scramble and make more while decorating! #buttercream #buttercreamfrosting #americanbuttercream
The BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make when building a brand/business is publishing all of your content solely on social media. Here’s why:
When baking for a crowd, it’s essential to GET ORGANIZED! The dozen cupcakes featured in this video were part of an order of 14 dozen filled cupcakes with hand-painted fondant decor AND a fondant-decorated novelty cake! How’d I manage it without going insane? 👉🏼 I planned out every SINGLE detail BEFORE getting started. This included: sketching and planning the decor, writing down my recipes, calculating (and recalculating!!) the measurements of ingredients I’d need to make it all, organizing my tools and ingredients by flavor (three different flavors for these cupcakes!) and then scheduling out the whole process. It took multiple days to do everything, but I planned in advance so that each day I’d know exactly what I needed to accomplish so that it wasn’t overwhelming. Planning also helps me because I can decide in advance which components can be made together to save time (like making a huge batch of plain buttercream then splitting it into two different flavors, rather than making the buttercream from scratch twice!) Do you struggle with baking large orders, or have you not experienced anything too daunting yet? I’d love to hear your experiences! 🍰 #bakingfromscratch #bakingtips #cupcakesofinstagram #buttercreamcupcakes #buttercreamcupcake

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