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From time to time, I contribute guest posts to articles on other blogs and websites. I love to reach out and meet new blog-owners who are creating their best content for loyal readers, like you!

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Why You Need A Hair Consultation

“If you have visited our salon in Cleveland, more than likely you received a hair consultation prior to any cut or color. Why is that? Well, because getting to know another person is the first step in beginning a successful long-term relationship.

That is why we always schedule a 15-minute complimentary hair salon consultation before starting any work on a new client. This initial meeting is essential in successfully achieving that selfie-ready new ‘do. So let’s discuss three things to expect and prepare for when you visit . . . “

Author: Lexis Rose Hershey (lexisrose.com) for The Studio Salon (thestudiosalondowntown.com)

Oven-Free Meal Ideas

“Looking for meal ideas that don’t require an oven? I certainly was this summer when my oven stopped working, not once, not twice, but THREE times.

Luckily, my misfortune can be to your benefit as I’ve since compiled some of the best oven-free recipes I used when we had to cook without an oven . . . “

Author: Amber Temerity (thriftyguardian.com)

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21 Women on Boosting Productivity As A Blogger and Entrepreneur

“Living in such a high-tech, fast-paced society often causes distractions to arise quickly.

At any given time, I can have five different blog ideas in my mind, seven posts currently in multiple stages of progress, and an overwhelming amount of notifications from fourteen different social media sites.

One way I balance this so as not to lose track of the essentials (like quality and consistency) is by setting short and long-term goals . . . “

Author: Laura Iancu (bylauraiancu.com)

Laura Iancu

11 Common Blogging Mistake Beginners Make (& How To Avoid Them)

“Mistakenly thinking ‘more is better’, a new blogger may attempt to utilize all of these sites, resulting in mediocre content at best.

However, these days, mediocre content just doesn’t bring in the ‘big bucks’. Remember, the old adage ‘Jack of all trades’ ends with ‘but, master of none’ . . . ”

Author: Giorgio (giorgiogd.com)


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