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This past weekend, my husband and I traveled to New York City to do some touring and exploring with his family.

For me, as soon as a trip or vacation is booked, two vital aspects of travel revolve around my mind constantly until departure: what to do and what to wear at the destination. Our extended weekend itinerary was pretty much set, thanks to my mother-in-law’s love to travel and plan, so that left me with one major task: plan my outfits.

How to dress to tour New York City is an inquiry that, in itself, cannot be answered simply; it raises other questions such as, “how do I dress comfortably and stylishly at the same time?” I didn’t want my clothing choices to identify me in the crowds as a tourist, but walking upwards of 10 miles a day would just not be feasible in most of the shoes in my wardrobe. Since we had a lot packed into our schedule each day, I needed to look appropriate and respectable at places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or nice restaurants for dinner, but I didn’t want to stand out as being overdressed while walking home through Central Park or Times Square. The forecasted weather was HOT, and sitting in a muggy subway and trudging down people-packed streets in the glaring sun also posed another topic of concern: how to dress comfortably, stylishly, and modestly while remaining cool and composed?

Here are two outfits I wore to New York City, and a few tips and ideas to put together your own perfect travel wardrobe!

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So, a few months ago, I was shopping at Marc’s. I only ran in for one little thing (vanilla), but since I had extra time to kill while my oven at home was pre-heating, I began to meander the aisles. I stopped immediately when my eyes landed on a beautiful painting, priced at a reasonable, oh, $4.99. The frame was old and sort of outdated looking, but I was focused on the painting itself. I removed it from the frame and found a nice little spot for it in our home.

Fast forward many weeks when I stumbled upon said frame, collecting dust in my craft closet. Now, I had options. “Just throw it away,” the organization freak in me whispered. Then another voice piped up: “D.I.Y. it!” (No, I don’t have multiple personalities. Just being expressive for the sake of the story. Don’t worry.) But, that second thought was a good one… who even am I if I don’t utilize every opportunity for a craft?!?!

Whether it’s an old frame that just doesn’t match your style anymore, an old piece you pick up at a garage sale, or it is just time to make your space a little more unique, you can do it yourself. Today I will walk you through the steps of revamping an old picture frame into a cute, modern piece you will love to have in your home!

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When asked as a child, my favorite color was always blue. As I grew older, I began to love pink. Then, I entered my twenties, and stepped it up a notch in terms of sophistication: rose gold, my obsession. Resurging from a popular trend in the 1920’s, rose gold appears to be taking over the fashion industry and lives of women everywhere!

So what exactly is this pretty metal? Well, as given by the name, it is part of the gold family; the rosy tones appear when a copper alloy is added. A fractional amount of silver is also added in order to balance out the red hues from the copper, resulting in the perfectly pink piece of jewelry. Eighteen karat rose gold is typically comprised of about 75% gold, 22.5% copper, and 2.75% silver.

Plus, whereas white gold symbolizes friendship and yellow gold represents faithfulness, rose gold typically signifies love. And who doesn’t love love?

Anyway, recently I realized that I own way too many items in the aforementioned shade. Instead of making a list or thinking of ideas on how to add variety to my wardrobe, I decided to gather my favorite rose gold items together and blog about it. (Thanks for indulging in my procrastination, friends!)

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“I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet” -Carrie Bradshaw.

Spoken while in character, Sarah Jessica Parker accurately portrayed a feeling that all too many are accustomed to. (Refrain from shopping a BOGO shoe sale? Major faux-pas!) And maybe fashion isn’t your niche- that’s okay. The sentiment applies to other splurges, too: video games, expensive restaurants, cars, traveling… the list can go on and on. No matter what is your fatal attraction, there stands a common ground among us all: the unfortunate truth that income is not endless*. That goes without saying, of course, that most of us are always looking for new ways to save some money.  So when a friend recently introduced me to something called a ‘rebate app’, I was immediately hooked. The premise is simple enough: buy products that you are already planning on purchasing and receive rebates on those items. Once you total up enough rebates, you can “cash-in” for a gift card or deposit directly to a Paypal account! What an exciting way to reward yourself for buying everyday necessities!

My interest, though, had been piqued, and I was not going to be satisfied with only one rebate app; I decided to try out as many as I could find on the Apple app store and bring the results to you, my readers! The easiest to use, the most rebates, the best results (and a small gift for you in the conclusion)- all the answers are here!

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California had always been near the top of my travel bucket-list, so when my husband informed me that he had to go to a workshop just outside of Los Angeles, I was beyond thrilled. Of course, this was primarily a business trip (and we had to use our own vacation days to go), but we agreed to take an extra day at the end of the workshop to do some sight-seeing. Our words were: “Who knows when we will be able to visit California again?” (irony, as we vacationed in San Diego about six months later for our second anniversary). Since California has SO much to offer (it is, of course, the third largest state in the US), it may be difficult overwhelming to create an itinerary for your trip; there is just so much to see, so much land to cover! How would one even know where to begin?! Thankfully, we are graced with the presence of the internet, and along with that comes the experience of other travelers in your shoes. Whether you are trying to cover California coast-to-coast, travel on a budget, or just take a short trip out to So-Cal*, here is how I would recommend spending your day in Los Angeles. (Click on any of the photos below to see them full size!)

*The locals informed us that So-Cal means “southern California”, not “So Californian!” as I mistakenly thought. (Hence, the phrase “Ooh, that’s So-Cal!” does not describe a cute, flirty tank top, but refers to a location. Oops. Blame it on my city-girl/East coast upbringing.”

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It’s the same, old story time and time again: preparing to make dinner after a long, tiring day, and the last thing that you want to do is spend time slaving away in the kitchen on new “experiments”. So, reluctantly, you throw together that one meal that you can always count on, that meal you could probably put together while blindfolded. “Not *insert meal name here* again!” the family whines as you sigh. Well, if this is a common occurrence in your household, here’s a new way to switch up tacos, an oldie-but-goodie! Served burrito-bowl-style like Chipotle, but all piled on a warm, slightly sweet, cornbread waffle, this spin on an old classic will be sure to please!!

Gather Your Ingredients:

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The beginning of each new summer always seems to usher in a trendy new style craze. From backpacks to button-downs to bookshelf decor, it just seems as if you cannot escape the madness! Walk into any Target, Forever 21, or similar store and, likely, the featured items will have been tainted by the year’s newest fad. If you are having a difficult time remembering some of our past obsessions, let’s take a moment to walk down memory lane.

Remember when every sort of item just HAD to be covered in an Aztec print?


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Hello, friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying June so far! One of my favorite ways to relax on a warm summer evening is to sit out on a patio with a nice glass of something, and just listen to the crickets, birds, and kids playing down the street. (Okay, well maybe not the latter option.) Throughout my increasing effort to make this more of a pattern with my hubby, I have found one fact to be certain:

Good patio furniture is EXPENSIVE. UGH.

Cut scene to my mother-in-law brainstorming ways to redecorate her backyard. Ultimately, our attention was drawn to the old, dusty, peeling, metal furniture occupying the majority of the space on the deck. Needless to say, it had seen better days; but as mentioned previously, good patio furniture is expensive and this current patio set did still have some redeeming qualities. Structurally, the furniture was still sound. The set itself was a good size and the pieces fit nicely together on the patio. Taking all of the information into account, there was really only one solution:


The first step in the restoration process was to gather all needed materials:

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Hello, all!

If you are reading this (my first post EVER), I just want to ask… how on earth did you find my blog?!

All jokes aside, thanks for stopping by! As you probably took from the title, we are still “under construction” here, so I apologize for the “dust” (and for such a short and boring post!) but we will be up and running soon.

I can’t wait for you all to see what I have up my sleeve.

This will probably happen at some point in the process.
This is likely to happen at some point.