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A few weeks ago, I spent a cool, rainy afternoon modeling for photos taken by friend and photographer Marina, the talented artist behind Marina Claire & Co.

I received my photos two nights ago and, since that moment, have been bubbling with excitement to write this post- I couldn’t wait to share with you friends the beautiful pieces of art Marina created and captured!

We began inside my home, taking some “lifestyle” shots for upcoming posts and future ideas. I’m not featuring those images here, just yet, but if you check back often, likely you’ll see some new photos floating around the blog! I was simply amazed at how each and every picture turned out; Marina made the interior of my seemingly not-so-photogenic home look like a professional photo shoot backdrop. I’m telling you: she can do wonders behind a camera!

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Oh, that’s me, spying on my neighbors.

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “autumn”?

Perhaps you think of fall activities like apple picking, hay rides, and watching football! For many, like myself, the cooler season brings musings of bon fires, warm colors of the leaves, delicious comfort foods, and gathering together with family and friends.

For today’s blog post, I want to share how you can incorporate all your favorite aspects of the season, by throwing an autumn-themed chili-bar party!

Whether it’s your turn to show hospitality to a few of your close friends, you want to throw a big bash for all your acquaintances, or it’s time to have a fun family get-together, the ideas below are sure to be a major hit with all of your guests! Let’s cover all the possibilities, from A to Z!

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Food & Drinks

I love autumn (previously discussed here). As soon as I see one leaf start to fade from green, it seems as if a switch is flipped in my mind and all I can do is hold myself back from going completely fall-crazy. I already planted mums (here), pulled out some cute booties and sweaters to wear, and re-decorated my desk at work with fall-themed candles and trinkets. Yet still, I wanted to do more.

I decided to create some faux-floral centrepieces to scatter around the house. I’m not always a huge fan of silk flowers, but with my seasonal allergies just about driving me insane, it was the best that I could do. Plus, using silk allows these decorations to last longer into the season than authentic flowers. These mini arrangements look rustic and homey, and add the perfect natural touch to your warm home during this crisp season!

Here’s how you can make your own!

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I know, I know; autumn doesn’t officially begin until September 22, but by mid-August, I’m tired of the heat, sun, and swimming. Not to mention, the back-to-school advertisements everywhere cause a creeping feeling in me that I cannot deny:


I have loved this season since I can remember. Summer is fun and all, but once you realize the best part about it was a vacation from school, and as an adult, there is no extended period of time off during your year, reality sets in. Summer, shlummer- amirite? SO much better are the cooler, breezy days, the magnificently colorful leaves, bon fires on a chilly night to cuddle up with your loved ones, apple cider at football games, and, especially, the fashion of autumn!

Let me reiterate: the fashion of fall (pauses while every girl swoons thinking of comfy flannels, new boots, and cute scarves). So that is what I want to talk about today. In all my autumnal-excitement, I’ve been dying to go shopping and amp up my wardrobe for the imminent season. Here are some items of inspiration that I’ve been dreaming of:

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Generally speaking, a flower pot or planter can make a big difference in the appearance of a home. Colorful pots add a quirky, fun appeal, while intricate metal or carved stone planters have a formal air of sophistication. Don’t forget about the layout, either; one pot on each side of a doorway is a simple way to welcome guests to your home, while diversity in size and shape allows for an artistic twist on landscape decorating.

I have always been drawn to modern stone planters and their stable, clean look, despite a few major drawbacks: their price and weight. Have you ever tried to lug a stone planter from the store, into your car, then to your yard? Whew, what a workout! I figured there must be an easier and cheaper alternative to achieving a similar look. Utilizing light, plastic pots and a little spray paint, you can transform cheap pieces into a one-of-a-kind yard decoration! Here’s what I did to create a beautiful, stacked flower pot:

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