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“THIS IS THE BEST WORKOUT”, or so claims article after article. New, flashy ways to “get fit quick” seem to pop up everywhere these days.

Techniques boasting to be the “best” overwhelm the internet so it can be confusing to know what to believe.

Even more, can there really be a “best” when dealing with a matter so subjective?

best workout

Let me elaborate. Some people flourish athletically in a class-type setting, where high energy levels and fun interactions abound. Conversely, the same conditions may overwhelm and distract another athlete. This could prevent him or her from achieving maximum workout potential.

Plus, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you won’t fully commit. Then you need to factor in other specifics, as well. Details like schedule preferences, athletic interests, and local gym availabilities can help or hinder an exercise goal.

It really comes down to, not just the “best” workout according to trends, but the best workout for you, as an individual.

That brings us to the inspiration for today’s post series! I love to take part in a variety of physical activities and am open to trying new things; so, I wanted to do an objective review of the most popular (and some lesser-known) workouts!

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Who here loves using a slow cooker? *Raises both hands, waves them around, leaps out of my chair for joy.* Okay, okay. Yes, I’ll admit, I’m a slow cooker fanatic; hence, why I am obsessed with this light chicken tikka masala made in the Crock Pot!

If you haven’t utilized this method of cooking before, what’s wrong with you? I joke. In all seriousness, though, there are few things better than throwing a handful of ingredients in a pot, going about your daily business for four-to-eight hours, and coming home to a warm, perfectly cooked meal.

“Why, who did all of this slaving away in the kitchen? Oh – heh heh – it was me. Silly me.” *hair flip*.

Recently I’ve also become a bigger fan of Indian foods, but sometimes the heavy creams in those deliciously thick sauces just don’t sit too well in the tummy… or on the thighs. Ha! Therefore, I bring to you today a recipe that has grown near and dear to my heart (and tastebuds) – Slow Cooker Light Chicken Tikka Masala.

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Hiya! Hope everyone’s doing well! Quickie post here for my new favorite recipe: Creamy Chicken and Spaghetti Squash Veggie Bake!

September is always a busy month, whether the kids are going back to school, or secular work is getting more hectic; the end of summer means getting back into a schedule and accomplishing goals!

I’m adjusting to a new work schedule; starting the first week in September, I switched from Monday’s and Wednesday’s at the office to Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I spend my “off” days volunteering and taking care of things around the house, groceries, cleaning, etc.

I LOVE this new schedule, but one aspect has been a bit more difficult: for many different reasons, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s are the busiest days for my husband and I. That’s when it comes in handy to have a recipe like the one I want to share with you today!

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Burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, corn on the cob, fruit… you know it all: staples of a good ‘ol cookout. It’s everything to make even the most hard-hearted cynics shed a tear at a beautifully stocked picnic table. Even though we are nearing the end of August (gasp!), I do believe we have a few more good barbeque days left.

Speaking of which, is anyone going away for the lo-o-ong weekend next week? My husband and I are heading to the Poconos to spend some time with friends! Hopefully, the weather will be cooperative for everyone planning to squeeze out a few, final bits of summer.

If you do happen to be cooking out within the next few weeks, I have THE recipe for you idea of the century! Okay, so that may be a small exaggeration, BUT I do hesitate to list this post as a “recipe”, for reasons that will soon become apparent.

Honestly, it’s somewhat of a food-DIY, a crafty-kitchen-concoction, if you will. Nevertheless, if you want to win impress everyone at your next get-together, continue reading. Also, if I have piqued your interest and you’re curious… keep reading! And, if you want me to quit rambling, well… you know it: keep reading.*

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Like many do as the winter season nears it’s end, Max and I have been attempting to keep up a balanced and nutritious lifestyle. To this regard, reducing our carb intake has been one method that is quite – and noticeably- beneficial. However, cutting out carbs creates it’s own issue: all of our meals begin to look the same! Some sort of grilled or baked protein served aside steamed or roasted veggies. BOOO-RING.

So, a few weeks ago, in an attempt to liven up our dinner menu, I whipped up a new recipe- and I have made it weekly since. It is flavorful, satisfying, fun, and (perhaps best) you don’t miss those pesky carbs at all! Thus, I present to you today my recipe for Taco-Stuffed Peppers!

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The office is quiet, with only the soft hum-drum of keyboard typing and computer fans. The clock is ticking by, slower and slower, as it seems. Tick… tock… tick… the hand shifts to three o’clock.

Suddenly you begin to hear a noise. “What could that be?!” you mutter to yourself, “I haven’t seen anyone go into the break room since lunch”. Intrigued, and looking for something to bring a bit of vigor to the afternoon, you get up from your desk and go investigate.

From the moment you swing open the door, you know exactly who – or rather, WHAT – was calling your name…

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I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD probably more than the average person. I mean, I could eat lasagna every single day of my life with no qualms whatsoever.

Well, with only one qualm- the obvious injustice to my waistline. Because, really, all the gooey cheese and tasty carbs are Healthy-Eating-101 “no-no”s.

So what is a girl to do? Lightened up Italian, of course! Hence, this recipe was born; by replacing the carbs, adding some veggies, and combining a few diet-specific tweaks, we have created a delicious, healthy dinner that does not sacrifice taste!

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Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by a love of carbs.

In fact, I don’t even know if you can call what I feel a “love”, really; it would be more accurately described as an inescapable addiction. *loaves of bread everywhere laugh villainously*

Anyway, in a concentrated effort to “clean up” mine and my hubby’s eating habits, I have attempted to replace typical carb-filled meal staples with healthier alternatives. This week, the aforementioned meal staple was rice! We love to eat Asian style food, so I tried to embrace the delicious goodness of fried rice while substituting out the actual carb-filled offender.

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