Five Reasons Why Baking Is A Great Hobby

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The art of baking goes back many, many centuries and is one of the oldest cooking methods known to humans. Fast forward a few thousand years, to our DVRs and Netflix queues filled with episodes of new and exciting baking competitions. What makes this specific method of cooking just so special to billions of bakers around the world? Well, here are five reasons why baking is a great hobby. 

1. Baking Is Relaxing

Baking can be relaxing when you really get into the motions of the process. Chopping, whisking, mixing, and sifting are simple, integral movements to baking that become comfortable and cathartic. Plus, it gets your mind off whatever may be bothering you and allows you to work out your frustrations – try punching a lump of dough a few times to release some pent-up stress! Of course, there’s nothing to cheer up a mood quite like the smile on a friend’s face when they see you’ve baked something for them!

Let’s not forget how scent is the sense most closely related to emotion. Certain smells and flavors in the kitchen can evoke memories of moments locked deep inside your memory.  So next time you think of a leisurely break or find yourself bored, look up some baking tips for beginners and allow yourself to get into baking and experimenting in the kitchen. It can be a genuinely relaxing hobby if you take the time to learn.

five reasons why baking is a great hobby

2. Baking Increases Creativity

Baking is a simple creative process at first. Combine a few ingredients together, andVOILA—a dish is created. However, as you become more advanced with baking, you’ll get to be more innovative with your bakes. You will start thinking of different ways to make your creations more aesthetically appealing. Baking pushes you to try out different combinations of ingredients to enhance the flavor of your pies, tarts, and cakes, or different styles of sculpting and weaving to achieve different lattice-patterned pies.

Let’s not forget that, sometimes, baking makes you think on your feet to overcome obstacles like a small budget, inconvenient baking conditions, missing tools, or limited ingredients. Baking truly gets your creative juices running.

3. Baking Can Become A Method For Income

Another reason why baking is an excellent hobby is that it can become a source of extra money. It’s always an advantage to have a hobby you can monetize if need be. Plus, with baking, you can take advantage of any number of different avenues from which you can earn an income: bake sales, school fairs, selling to local stores, setting up your own shop, or even teaching classes. If you have excellent baking skills and can make tasty treats, then give some thought to transforming your hobby into a means of additional income. 

4. Baking Can Be A Rather Inexpensive Hobby

Unlike some hobbies, you can definitely bake on a budget. You don’t need to buy expensive, fancy gadgets or shop for extravagant, rare ingredients. In fact, most of the time, baking uses common, handy equipment that usually already resides in kitchen drawers.

With items such as measuring cups, wooden spoons, a whisk, baking pans, and just a little bit of arm strength and determination, you can bake close to anything. A combination of these is just enough for the simplest baking projects. Plus, in most cases, you can use generic baking ingredients like flour, leaveners, sugar, salt, flavorings, dairy, and spices. 

5. Baking Allows You To Expand Your Palate 

The possibilities and options for recipes are endless, especially in these modern days of the internet and high-speed web connections from Xfinity Internet. The simple nature of baking itself offers results in so many varieties—you’ll never get bored! Plus, there are always new things to learn. Uncover better methods for baking common staples like bread, cookies, and muffins by experimenting with different ingredients and techniques. Try researching for a fruit pie you’ve never tasted before! Or, switch up your favorite dinner with an interesting baked rigatoni recipe—after all, baking doesn’t have to mean more desserts!

There are plenty of ideas out there—let’s explore them together. 🙂

five reasons why baking is a great hobby

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