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California is my favorite state. If at any time you catch me daydreaming, my mind has likely wandered to the Southern-most region of the West Coast. I had the pleasure to visit and explore Los Angeles last October and fell in love with the comfortable mix of an upbeat, modern city and the relaxed, carefree beach scene.

Then, this past April, Max and I were able to spend a week in San Diego to celebrate our second wedding anniversary.*  We loved every aspect of this location, from the perfectly seasonable weather to the indescribably beautiful ocean regions and the gorgeous city architecture; I just could not get enough of the wonderful San Diego.

Something else that Max and I really appreciated on this trip was the abundance of unique restaurants and cafes. No matter which meal we needed to eat, there was no lack of delicious options to try! So, if you are planning a trip to San Diego, pondering a visit to the West Coast, or you just like to look at photos of delicious food, here are our recommendations for great places to eat in San Diego!

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Friday is a HIGHLY anticipated day for many; I, personally, have been counting down the days since September.

What is this big event, you ask? Well, no, it’s not Black Friday (even though I cannot wait to shop my heart out).

This Friday, Netflix will release the “Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life” revival episodes!


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