East Coast Excursions – Part 2: Summer Things To Do In VT

vermont river tubing summer

Hello, and welcome to my second installment of experiences and photos from our recent Vermont summer trip! For a more proper introduction to this mini-series, be sure to check out East Coast Excursions – Part 1: Woodstock, VT.

If you arrived at this post via the link at the end of the aforementioned, thanks for reading!

‘All work and no play…’ Well, I’m sure you could finish that age-old adage. Besides ‘making Jack a dull boy’, a lack of appropriately-balanced recreation is linked to elevated stress levels, which may, in turn, present other negative effects as well… (why do I feel like I am typing out the thesis for a high-school term paper?!)

My point? Ah yes, my point: though our purpose of the trip was to volunteer, we were able to take some time off to enjoy the hidden gems that a Vermont summer has to offer.

While many people view the Green Mountain State as one primarily oriented around winter sports, if you happen upon the option to visit Vermont in the summer, here are some activities that you don’t want to miss!

Vermont Summer Activity #1: (Go Take a) Hike!

As mentioned above, Vermont is recognized for having some of the best skiing and snowboarding spots in the world. Therefore, when the snow melts off, what is left but beautifully lush, rolling hills and mountains, scattered with hidden trails and obscure overlooks.


Our first “hike” if you will, was no more than a walk through our neighborhood in Ludlow:

vermont summer hike

The houses where we stayed are nestled gently into the side of a huge mountain, which made our nightly jog quite the adventure. The hills are steep and narrow but provide privacy for each home, and occasionally give a breathtaking peak off into the foggy abyss below.

vermont hike summer

Coolidge State Park

Then, a few days later on a warm evening before dinner, we drove about a half hour to Coolidge State Park.

coolidge hike vermont state park summer

Unprepared for a challenging hike, we chose the fittingly named ‘Slack Trail’.

This 3 or-so mile path is narrow and mildly steep in some places, but overall was not too taxing on any in the group. Moreover, it was moderate enough to provide a good work-out but didn’t require so much effort to detract from the observable beauty.

Not to mention, I loved the peace and quiet this trail afforded; it almost seemed as if we were the only humans in the entire park.

coolidge hike vermont summer

At the summit of this trail was a cute bench in front of a window of pines, overlooking the hills and mountains below.

vermont hike summer

Here’s our adventurous group! I’m on the far left, Max is on the far right, and those are his younger siblings in between us.

I wish we could’ve spent more time in the woods of Vermont, but, hey, it gives us another reason to go back and visit again! If you are looking for additional trails for hiking in the green mountain state, check out this site here.

Vermont Summer Activity #2: (Over The) River (And Through The Woods) Tubing

Are you interested in a relaxing and scenic way to enjoy some good company and all of the blue Vermont summer skies and bright green mountains? If that sounds remotely intriguing to you, read on, my friend.

(Okay, I’m done with the midnight infomercial sales pitch tone now. Haha!)

The basic idea, for anyone unfamiliar with river tubing, is this: go to the Vermont River Tubing rental center. There you’ll tell the workers how many are in your group, pay the admission fee, etc. Next, you follow their truck (in your own vehicle) to the ending point of the river and park your car there for later.

Then you hop in their van and they take you to the starting point upriver. Once you get to the beginning point, the employee will give you the innertubes; you can even rent an extra tube and attach it to your own to carry a lunch bag or drinks! Then, hop in and float!

vermont river tubing summer

Initially, the employee explained to us that the entire excursion can range in time depending on the water current. Without stops, you can expect to float anywhere from one and a half to three hours!

Our voyage down the river took about 2 and a half hours because the current was relatively low…

… and because we stopped at a rope swing along the way!

vermont river tubing

This was scary at first, and the water was SO COLD!! Still, it wasn’t long before we all were fighting to get another turn!

Besides this specific area to jump, the majority of the river was pretty shallow. Nevertheless, the company does offer life jackets for anyone who wishes to practice extra caution.

vermont river tubing summer

Overall, this was an extremely relaxing activity. Most noteworthily, the area was so quiet, serene, and indescribably BEAUTIFUL. Definitely a MUST for anyone visiting Vermont in the summer. So grab your friends, get some beers, and float away!

vermont river tubing summer

Vermont Summer Activity #3: (Life Is Better At The) Lake Activities

Besides the above-mentioned rivers, mountains, and trees, Vermont also boasts of numerous, breathtaking lakes!

Our home-away-from-home was located a few minutes from Camp Plymouth State Park on Echo Lake, which offered a plethora of fun, relaxing activities: there was a beach for sun-tanning, a dock for fishing, and rental paddle boards, kayaks, paddle boats, canoes, and more!

vermont summer lake

Near the end of the week, we rented kayaks for a smooth, afternoon ride on the lake. The water felt so clean and the air so fresh; it was nice to just glide along the crystal surface, observing all the underwater creatures.

Most of the larger lakes in summer Vermont offer options for getting out onto the water; if you would like more ideas or exact locations to visit, check out this site here.

Vermont Summer Activity #4: (Don’t Go Chasin’) Waterfalls

Warren Falls

Have you ever heard of Warren Falls? It’s one of the (mostly)-hidden gems of summer Vermont and is so beloved by the locals that I almost feel guilty for blogging about it. The rumor that we heard is that the residents of the community don’t appreciate all the attention focused on this location, which is attracting more visitors and crowding their once-secluded safe haven.

(Upon a quick Google search, I found that blogs and sites with much more traffic than my mostly-family-and-friends-blog have written about these ‘falls’, so my guilt subsided. LOL.)

Thankfully we had a friend who was able to guide us to Warren Falls, as the closest entrance is kind of in a secluded, tricky location. I included a link above, which seemed to have a helpful, detailed map. Upon arrival, follow the signs to the “cascades”.

Warren Falls has been rightly described as “the blueprint for all other swimming holes”. Complete with natural waterslides…

cascades vermont

… multiple jumping cliffs (ranging in height from 10 – 20 feet) …

… and refreshing pools of various depths…


… spending a hot summer Vermont day here will not disappoint. Max loved the feeling of the heavy water rushing onto his back in this shallow little pool (above); he explained it as “an invigorating deep tissue shoulder massage that cost $0.00”.

Warren Falls provides a fun, safe(-ish) place for an adventure-seeker to spend time in the naturally exhilarating mountain water. Plus, being surrounded by the beautiful backdrop of dense trees and wildlife wasn’t bad, either. 🙂

More Falls

On our way back home from Warren Falls, we stopped to admire another powerful waterfall, but I wasn’t able to catch the name of this one. Surprisingly, we spotted it on the side of the road!

Another testament to the wonderful beauty scattered all around us.


Additional waterfalls to explore while in Vermont can be found here.

In conclusion, thanks for reading all about our adventures in ‘the great outdoors’ of summertime Vermont! I hope that you will get to visit VT one day to enjoy these wonderful experiences – and make your own!

If you missed the first post in this New-England series, you can click here to read it now!

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What is your favorite place to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors? Leave me a comment and we can chat! 🙂

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