Fall Serving Platter – Easy, Dollar-Store DIY

DIY, Easy, Dollar-Store Fall Serving Platters

Hey, friends! I just LOVE fall decorating, as you’d know if you’ve seen my budget fall decorating guide. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the new season.

Today I wanted to give a small tutorial for one of my favorite fall DIYS: pumpkin serving platters. These receive a ton of compliments, and – literally – are the easiest decor item to make… probably ever. Plus, they only cost a few dollars! Score!

Follow the instructions below to make your quick and easy, dollar-store fall serving platter.

DIY, Easy, Dollar-Store Fall Serving Platters

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Fall Serving Platter Materials:

I purchased my pumpkins and plates at the local dollar store, as I’m sure you can, too! Alternatively, you can find the craft items on Amazon by clicking the hyperlinked text below. (And, say “Hooray” for not having to put on actual clothing or leave the house! Yoga pants for the win.)

DIY, Easy, Dollar-Store Fall Serving Platters

Fall Serving Platter Method:

Step One: Using your thin knife or box cutter, trim off the top of the foam pumpkin to create a flat surface. Lay the ruler across the top as a makeshift level, and adjust as needed.

DIY, Easy, Dollar-Store Fall Serving Platters

You don’t want the plate to sit crooked, otherwise, all of your cookies might slide right off the platter! And, wasting cookies might be the worst thing to happen since parachute pants.

Step Two: Once the top is leveled, cover the entire foam surface with glue.

DIY, Easy, Dollar-Store Fall Serving Platters

Step Three: Center the platter over the glue, and press it down to adhere the surfaces together. You can set a heavy, but sturdy object on top to help weigh down the plate while the glue fully dries.

Finally, if you’d like to alter the color of your pumpkin, go ahead and paint it now!

Just like that, your fall serving platter is complete! Tell me that isn’t the easiest DIY you have ever completed; I dare ya!

(Like my dessert stand in the background of these images? It gets so many compliments! I got it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond a while back, and, though they don’t sell this one anymore, here and here are some similar marble-and-wood options!)

Enjoy Your Fall Serving Platter

These fall serving platters were a hit at my sister’s graduation bonfire!

If you’d like some more inspiration on fall decorating, check out my budget guide for hacks, tips, and ideas. And, here is a list of some other fall decorating items (mostly under $10) that you might love!

DIY, Easy, Dollar-Store Fall Serving Platters

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial; be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!

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DIY, Easy, Dollar-Store Fall Serving Platters DIY, Easy, Dollar-Store Fall Serving Platters DIY, Easy, Dollar-Store Fall Serving Platters

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