Travel Candles To Love: Fernweh Editions (& Bonus Coupon Code!)

Fernweh Candles - Travel candles review #travel #candles

Fernweh Editions gifted to me these travel candles in return for an honest review; all opinions are my own. For more information, see below for full disclosure details.

Traveling is a goal, hobby, or necessity that remains a focus of everyone’s minds these days. Whether you travel for business, for pleasure, or for familial responsibilities, you’ll likely agree that there is something so profound about becoming acquainted with a new place, culture, or people.

However, as the old adage admonishes, there is no place like home. Home: a place where comfort, contentment, and familiarity abound. As much as I love to get out and explore the globe, there is an undeniable feeling of pleasure returning to my own bed, shower, and life once again.

Fernweh Candles - Travel candles review #travel #candles

Fernweh Editions Travel Candles

Recently, I was introduced to a company that so aptly combines the excitement of travel with the solace of home: Fernweh Editions travel-inspired candles. Motivated by a love of travel and fragrance, Ferweh Editions candles evoke a sense of journey from the first scent of aroma. These travel candles whisk you away onto a fragrant adventure, eliciting thoughts of France, Persia, Cascadia, and more.

The word “fernweh” derives its origin from the German language and translates as a longing for faraway places. Upon opening my sampler box of the travel candles, I could immediately discern the appropriateness of its namesake.

Travel Sampler Candle Set

First, the musky, yet bright, uplifting, yet deep scent of Citrus Sage transported me to Italy. This candle boasts of happiness and protection, eliciting a sensory memory buried way, way back in my mental archives. It’s super complex, and one of my favorites of this set. If you love citrusy herb combinations as I do, don’t sleep on this pick.

Next, I sampled a more innocuous candle: Mediterranean Fig. The light, subtle sweetness of this aroma is simple and comforting, not too complex. Perfect for an easy Sunday-morning, dreaming of sunny skies in Rome, or maybe Barcelona.

Third in my lovely set, and another favorite of mine: Persian Pomegranate. This fresh, sweet scent instantly transported my cognizance to a place I have yet to visit. That may seem odd, but upon my first sniff of this candle, images of postcards and landmarks from around the world danced through my head. This is the scent that makes me want to purchase a plane ticket and buzz off on an adventure to anywhere!

Last, but not least, the bright and robust scent of Mandarin Oak took me by surprise. Fittingly boasting of abundance and strength, this lightly masculine candle is unique and rich. This scent constantly draws me back to it, which is probably why it was the first candle to which I gave a new home in our condo: I put this one in Max’s office. 🙂

Fernweh Candles - Travel candles review #travel #candles

Candles That Take You On A Journey

Travel candles are so versatile in that, if you are home, the scents lead your memories and feelings to plenty of places around the world. However, if you are traveling, and perhaps feeling a bit uncertain or lonely, burning a candle with which you are familiar can calm your nerves and settle your mind.

Plus, it’s always helpful to pack a candle or two in your suitcase, to help rid your hotel room or Airbnb of any less-than-pleasant industrial scents. Further, candles sets like this one make a great gift for the travel-lover in your life! Be assured that Fernweh Editions candles are poured using only high-quality waxes and premium essential oils to ensure a healthy, clean burn.

Special Bonus Coupon Code

If you are interested in learning more or ordering some candles for yourself, check out the Fernweh Editions website here! Be sure to use my coupon code LEXISROSE at checkout for 10% off your purchase! Thanks again, Fernweh Editions, for sending me these lovely candles! I love them!

Fernweh Candles - Travel candles review #travel #candles

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Fernweh Candles - Travel candles review #travel #candles


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