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“When words fail, music speaks.” -Hans Christian Anderson.

As a renowned poet and writer, I believe Anderson perfectly depicted a facet of our lives so common: music. Whether it is for relaxation, a career, everyday enjoyment, or in worship, we all are affected by the power of music. Combining specific instruments, melodies, and words can transmit overwhelming emotions to which one would not be inclined to feel otherwise. Some music conveys powerful messages, while other tunes bring peaceful, calming thoughts. The broadness of the term “music” is staggering, making it difficult to fully define in mere sentences. That being said, I am very excited to introduce the first ever installment of Music Monday!

This week, I happily present to you:

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A few weeks ago, I spent a cool, rainy afternoon modeling for photos taken by friend and photographer Marina, the talented artist behind Marina Claire & Co.

I received my photos two nights ago and, since that moment, have been bubbling with excitement to write this post- I couldn’t wait to share with you friends the beautiful pieces of art Marina created and captured!

We began inside my home, taking some “lifestyle” shots for upcoming posts and future ideas. I’m not featuring those images here, just yet, but if you check back often, likely you’ll see some new photos floating around the blog! I was simply amazed at how each and every picture turned out; Marina made the interior of my seemingly not-so-photogenic home look like a professional photo shoot backdrop. I’m telling you: she can do wonders behind a camera!

fall photography blogger rain autumn umbrella photo ideas
Oh, that’s me, spying on my neighbors.

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Have you read a book recently? Whether you prefer to listen to eBooks, use your Kindle, or embrace a physical paper-and-ink printed novel, have you finished even one book within the past year?

Now, would you be surprised if I stated that only 43% of Americans have read at least ONE book in the past year? That means that about 57% of those polled have not finished (or, for some, even started) reading a piece of literature in over 365 days.

So why is this statistic worthy of contemplation, to the point of meriting its own blog post (one that is noticeably different in format than my others)? Let’s consider what we gain from partaking in various forms of literature.

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After many weeks months of anticipation, the iPhone 7 was finally released. Every UPS and FedEx driver in America worked double time to deliver millions of tiny, white boxes to excited customers.

Because of all the ‘hype’ the past few weeks regarding Apple’s changes, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this device and see exactly what was different from the current and past iPhones. There were many rumors of what would be affected by the removal of the headphone jack; there was also discussion of the new “home” button, or, moreover, the lack thereof. And what about the camera, yet again being upgraded to something “bigger and better”?

I wanted to un-box my iPhone with you, my readers. Hopefully, this will help quell any anxieties, put an end to worried speculations, and give you an idea of what this iPhone is all about.

Let’s get the box opened:

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“I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet” -Carrie Bradshaw.

Spoken while in character, Sarah Jessica Parker accurately portrayed a feeling that all too many are accustomed to. (Refrain from shopping a BOGO shoe sale? Major faux-pas!) And maybe fashion isn’t your niche- that’s okay. The sentiment applies to other splurges, too: video games, expensive restaurants, cars, traveling… the list can go on and on. No matter what is your fatal attraction, there stands a common ground among us all: the unfortunate truth that income is not endless*. That goes without saying, of course, that most of us are always looking for new ways to save some money.  So when a friend recently introduced me to something called a ‘rebate app’, I was immediately hooked. The premise is simple enough: buy products that you are already planning on purchasing and receive rebates on those items. Once you total up enough rebates, you can “cash-in” for a gift card or deposit directly to a Paypal account! What an exciting way to reward yourself for buying everyday necessities!

My interest, though, had been piqued, and I was not going to be satisfied with only one rebate app; I decided to try out as many as I could find on the Apple app store and bring the results to you, my readers! The easiest to use, the most rebates, the best results (and a small gift for you in the conclusion)- all the answers are here!

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Hello, all!

If you are reading this (my first post EVER), I just want to ask… how on earth did you find my blog?!

All jokes aside, thanks for stopping by! As you probably took from the title, we are still “under construction” here, so I apologize for the “dust” (and for such a short and boring post!) but we will be up and running soon.

I can’t wait for you all to see what I have up my sleeve.

This will probably happen at some point in the process.
This is likely to happen at some point.