How To FINALLY Stop Biting Your Nails (& My #1 Strengthening Tip)

How To Stop Biting Your Nails For Good - The proven, 4-step method to quit nail biting habit once and for all! #stop #quit #nail #biting #nailbiting #nailbiter

Editor’s Update: March 2020

If we just met and shook hands, you probably wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. However, if you knew me anywhere from the ages of 13-22, you may immediately recognize a difference: I actually have fingernails!

For a substantial amount of years, my “nails” were teeny, tiny, sad nubs of weak keratin. I had no whites on the tips whatsoever and had bitten down so far that most people assumed it was painful.

It’s soo cringe-worthy to look back on now; I can’t believe this used to be my hand. The following photo is from our ENGAGEMENT photoshoot, for which I vividly remember trying to grow out my nails.

how to stop biting and strengthen nails

(You can spot more embarrassing “nub shots” here.)

Friends, family, AND strangers would randomly stop and say to me, “You should stop biting your nails”, but I just couldn’t. Not to mention, once they did start to grow a bit, my nails would immediately break or tear, prompting me to bite the rest to nubs all over again.

Perhaps you can relate. If you are tired of your tiny nubs, tried every trick in the book, and searched the limits of Google for “how to stop biting your nails”, then this post is for you.

With the methods below, I was able to quit my decade-long nail-biting habit AND grow my nails to a point where they are long, strong, and healthy. 

And, so can you.

Yes, you’ve probably tried – and failed – before. I was there, I know. I thought I had tried everything, but I just wasn’t taking the right steps – for me.

However, it simply took some introspective reflection, realizing what I was doing WRONG, a solid plan of action, and there I was: a nail-growin’ machine!

You CAN stop biting your nails.

Follow along with my four-step solution to stop biting your nails and grow them out – FOR GOOD.

how to stop biting and strengthen nails

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1. To Stop Biting Your Nails, Discover The Root of The Problem

The first (and arguably most important) step to stop biting your nails is to discover your trigger(s). Personally, I had to combat multiple triggers to finally nix my nail habit once and for all.

Once you identify the drive behind your actions, then you can successfully move forward and take steps to resist it (in this case, why you bite your nails can lead to how to stop doing so). For example:

Does boredom cause you to bite your nails?

Maybe it happens while you’re on the couch, watching the “Bachelorette” (that finale! the tears! oh my!) Or, while you’re sitting in that evening rush-hour traffic, not moving an inch – ugh! Perhaps you find yourself biting during that boring work meeting that’s taking fo-o-o-rever to end.

If you have found yourself biting your nails in similar situations, your trigger is likely boredom! In other words, you bite your nails simply because you need to do something – anything!

Usually, this means you can stop biting your nails by finding something else to do with your hands! See “Find Suitable Alternatives – Boredom” below, or keep reading for other possible triggers!

Do you bite your nails in situations that make you nervous?

If you find yourself chewing off your nails while you’re taking a test, before giving a public speech, or after a tough conversation, you might bite your nails as a coping mechanism for nervousness!

In this case, the remedy is finding another channel to relieve your anxiety. I know this is easier said than done, and mental health is not something of which I have extensive knowledge. Always consult a physician with any questions or concerns.

However, if it is within your control, make it a practice to engage in calming actions that don’t include the chomping down on your fingernail. We will discuss some quick and easy ways to do so in the following section, “Find Suitable Alternatives – Nervousness”.

How To Stop Biting Your Nails For Good

Do you bite your nails to cope with daily stress?

For most people, the day to day routine brings certain stresses and worries. Try to think of when you begin to bite your nails: do these instances coincide with periods of time in your life when you have more stress than usual?

If you have reason to believe you feel more stressed-out than the average person, and that causes you to bite your nails, making small life changes to cope with stress can halt your nail-biting habit. Plus, who doesn’t want less stress?!

We will discuss some stress-relieving options in the section below, “Find Suitable Alternatives – Stress”.

Do you bite your nails to “manicure” them?

I had to battle against multiple triggers in order to stop biting my nails, but once I quit, it seemed as if my nails still wouldn’t grow! They were constantly breaking and tearing, so much so that I would resort to biting the rest just to make them all the same size!

If you desperately need some strength in your nails like I did (and still do!), keep reading in the section titled “Growing & Strengthening Tips”.

2. To Stop Biting Your Nails, Find Suitable Alternatives…

As soon as you get the urge to bite your nails, try focusing your efforts onto some of the suggestions below. Keep in mind that psychologists estimate it can take a minimum of 21 days to make (or break) a habit.

For Boredom:

If biting your nails is an outlet for your body to fidget or “do something” constantly, simply make a shift to do “something” else. The following are some great suggestions to keep your hands busy.

Coloring in a coloring book, note-taking, or mindless doodling.

“Playing” with a magnetic fidget puzzle cube like this one; yes, an “adult” version of the super annoying trendy fidget spinner.

Braid some strings together, or make bracelets! I found this helpful to distract my hands, but also quite cathartic and relaxing while watching TV. Plus, at the end of it, you have a bracelet! Yay!

Silly Putty. Yup, remember that pointless, moldable plastic that you just begged your parents to purchase in the checkout line at Wal-Mart? Well, now it has a purpose! (And, it comes in a handy little egg container, so you can take this on-the-go, wherever you need to distract your hands!)

Start a drum-band, with your hands! Though this can become distracting to people around you, it’s a great way to occupy your hands while remaining focused on other things (like driving); turn on your favorite tunes, and try to tap to the beat of each song! It’s like a slightly less-fun version of Rock Band. 🙂

Learn to do this: How to stop biting your nails - once and for all!

Chewing gum can keep your mouth “occupied” so that you aren’t tempted to chew your fingernails!

BONUS TIP: This isn’t exactly a “boredom-buster” technique, but if you are not out in public, try putting on a pair of fuzzy gloves! Every time you absentmindedly attempt to bite your nail, you will get a mouthful of fuzz instead. Talk about a quick way to kick a habit! *spits out neon yellow fuzzies*

For Nervousness:

In a tense situation, taking a few deep breaths diffuses some temporary anxiety (like when taking an exam or trying to fix a frustrating work issue). Apple smart-watches have a built-in “Breathe” app, or you can download one on your iOS or Android phone. This will give you a moment to focus on individual breaths, allaying any sudden anxiety and stopping the urge to bite your nails.

Carrying a small stress-relieving ball can be a simple way to fight your nerves – and the physical stimulation will keep your fingers away from your mouth! Extra bonus!

When you begin feeling those nervous “butterflies”, try counting backward to zero, from fifty! Alternatively, try to hum a small snippet from your favorite, upbuilding song.

Some people enjoy drinking tea to relax; if you are worried about an upcoming event, try a nice herbal tea (I LOVE this pack) with some honey! (Plus, herbal teas are naturally decaffeinated, so you don’t have to worry about any resulting jitters.)

How To Stop Biting Your Nails

Give yourself a mini-massage! The next time you feel the urge to bite your nails, roll your hands or feet back-and-forth on a golf ball, or your back on a tennis ball (use a wall or door to apply pressure and hold the ball in place). Releasing some tension can help calm nervous muscles.

Not all nervewracking situations can be planned for, but if a special event is causing some anxiety, make sure you are prepared! Getting a sufficient amount of sleep the night before, picking out a special outfit, and arriving early can greatly reduce the amount of nervousness you feel.

For Stress:

My cure for daily stress was (and still is) simple self-care. Participating in a daily exercise routine, drinking plenty of water, and eating smarter (healthier) really enabled me to handle and process stress better.

These may seem like large changes to make all at once, but you don’t need to be intimidated. Start slowly, and soon these good habits will take the place of the less favorable one.

For example, beginning a daily exercise routine doesn’t mean breaking the bank on a gym membership. Aim to do one fifteen-minute online workout each morning or evening – whatever works for you! I was always relatively active, but once I made a promise to myself to exercise regularly, I experienced so many positive changes!

You can download an app to track your water intake, or buy one of these cool water-intake bottles! It sounds simple, but so many studies confirm that cutting out sugary drinks and replacing them with pure water helps to relieve stress!

One other tip that really made a difference with my self-care? Cleaner eating. I’ll admit, I was a sugar- and carb-aholic. Incorporating more whole foods into each meal (and less refined sugar) not only made me physically healthier, but my moods and overall well-being improved, too.

Once you learn to keep day-to-day stress “in check”, you may notice that it will become easier to stop biting your nails.

BONUS TIP: Seem extra stressed-out lately? Make sure you are keeping a regular sleep schedule. You can even use an app on your phone to make sure you are getting a night of sufficient deep sleep.

3. To Stop Biting Your Nails, Prepare Exciting Incentives…

Sometimes a little reward can go a long way. In combination with the above tips to shift your nailbiting habit, set up a small system for positive reinforcement. Here are some fun ideas to get started:

Choose a reasonable period of time to not bite your nails, and, if you succeed, treat yourself to a manicure! Plus, once you have your nails done, you may be less inclined to bite them and ruin the polish! Added bonus!

(Be cautious, though, if you are trying to strengthen your nails; certain polishes can weaken and damage your nails. Always ask the nail technician for the healthiest option.)

Gold and Red long nails
Here’s a mani I did on myself with new nail polish!

Perhaps you can try setting up a “splurge jar”. For each day that you go without biting your nails, add fifty cents. However, if you bite your nails, you lose a dollar for that day! Save up to a “splurge” that you normally wouldn’t have bought yourself, like that new Kylie Lip Kit!

(Most people rarely use cash these days, so you can download a budgeting app like one of these, instead, or add a new account to your mobile banking app! Just create a category or virtual account and title it “Nail Splurge”.)

Remember, failures are part of a journey, so try not to dwell on the setbacks; move on and move forward!

4. Once You’ve “Nailed It” (Growing & Strengthening Tips)

Once you stop biting your nails, they may be weak and/or damaged. My nails were so bad that pretty much anything would cause a broken or split nail: doing the laundry, washing my hair, putting on shoes, etc. If one nail happened to break, my bad habit would resurface and I’d be tempted to bite the rest of my nails.

It is SO frustrating, but don’t give up now; the solution is quite simple. Like anything else, nails need TLC – tender, loving, care. The more you can prevent your nails from breaking, the less likely you will be tempted to bite them. Here’s the routine that saved my nails:

Be TENDER on your nails!

Mundane, daily activities can unsuspectingly undermine your efforts to strengthen your nails. As you go through your day, pay attention to exactly how tough you are on your hands!

Washing dishes? Use a sponge or steel-wool pad instead of picking at tough grime with your nails. Trying to unstick an adhesive price tag? Don’t trash your nails – use these great sticker-removal tips instead!

Try to do everyday tasks a little more deliberately, as opposed to just throwing your hands to and fro. Concentrate just a bit on where your fingers land to avoid catching nails with some new length on sharp or rough surfaces.

Basically, the less stress put upon your nails, fewer breaks/cracks/tears will occur.

Show your nails some LOVE!

I’ll wholeheartedly admit, I tried so many nail strengtheners and none really made any difference until I stumbled upon the Nailtiques line. *glorious singing*

Hands-down, this strengthener was what helped push me through to the finish line in terms of quitting the nail-biting habit.

how to stop biting and strengthen nails

I started with Nailtiques Formula 2, which is recommended “for soft, peeling, bitten, weak, or thin” nails. It is a clear polish, packed with healthy proteins and strengtheners, to be applied to bare nails once every one or two days until “the desired results are achieved”.

And – oh my word – let me tell you guys! Within just a few days, my nails were longer, stronger, and smoother than they have ever been! I literally swear by this stuff; it is worth every penny.

Once “the desired results are achieved”, it is recommended that you transition to Nailtiques Formula 1 to continue maintaining nails that have been strengthened with Formula 2. (You don’t want your nails to become too hard that they are brittle. This is a whole other issue, and can actually cause more breakage! Think of the phrase: bend, don’t break!)

This combined process has seriously saved my nails. Plus, now that my nails are growing out healthy and strong, it greatly reduces the urge to bite them. Nail strengthener was that one thing that I needed to help kick the ever-recurring nail-biting habit – for good.

If you’re done with bitten, brittle, or broken nails, you can click on the linked text (red) to find it on Amazon and try it out for yourself. You won’t regret it!

August 2019 Update & Editor’s Note

Upon the increasing difficulty of finding the Nailtiques strengthener online (sad face), I started looking at other, more affordable options. After a few months of using Sally Hansen Miracle Strengthener, my nails are still long, strong, and thriving (happy face!)

March 2020 Update & Editor’s Note:

I still can confidently say the afore-mentioned Sally Hansen Miracle Strengthener is a great replacement for the Nailtique’s strengthener. And, it costs less, too! My nails are still long and strong! Happy growing, nails! 🙂

CARE for your nails and fingers!

One important aspect not to forego is the maintenance of your cuticles! In case you didn’t know (because I didn’t), the cuticle is a thin piece of skin that connects and covers your growing nails. A healthy cuticle will prevent bacteria from getting under your skin, which could damage (and subsequently weaken) new nails.

This simple fact blew my mind: if your cuticles aren’t kept moisturized and healthy, your nails pretty much have no chance of being strong – right from their start!

I began using this cuticle oil by Cuccio right away! The results aren’t as obvious at first, but strong nails need to start somewhere – and that “somewhere” is under the cuticle. Protecting and moisturizing the cuticles keeps your nails healthy and strong from the beginning so that they can grow longer and healthier down the line.

And please, don’t even dare to pick your cuticles!!

how to stop biting and strengthen nails

Are you ready to stop biting your nails once and for all? Following the outlined plan and tips above will ensure your success!

Don’t be afraid of setbacks – they will come along. However, the steps taken afterward are what will lead to your ultimate triumph! And, trust me – nothing feels better than that moment when you look down at your long, strong nails, and realize just how far you’ve come.

For so long, people would say to me, “Stop biting your nails,” and I would retort, “I wish!” However, once I found the correct process to nix my habit, now I can say, with confidence, to you: “Stop biting your nails!”

Leave me a comment or send me an email if you have any questions on my story or the process to quit biting your nails! I know this process will help you as much as it has me.

As always, thanks for reading! Feel free to share or reblog this post if you know someone who could use the information, or Pin one of the images at the bottom of this post to come back later!

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plain long nails Purple Nails Sparkly nails Plain long nails How To Stop Biting Your Nails and Grow Them Out For Good How To Stop Biting Nails and Strengthen Nails For Good / Grow Our Your Nails Long and Strong red and gold long nails How To Stop Biting Nails and Strengthen Nails For Good / Grow Our Your Nails Long and Strong How To Stop Biting Your Nails For Good - The proven, 4-step method to quit nail biting habit once and for all! #stop #quit #nail #biting #nailbiting #nailbiter How To Stop Biting Your Nails For Good - The proven, 4-step method to quit nail biting habit once and for all! #stop #quit #nail #biting #nailbiting #nailbiter How To Stop Biting Your Nails For Good - The proven, 4-step method to quit nail biting habit once and for all! #stop #quit #nail #biting #nailbiting #nailbiter How To Stop Biting Your Nails For Good - The proven, 4-step method to quit nail biting habit once and for all! #stop #quit #nail #biting #nailbiting #nailbiter

  1. Amy says:

    Thank you, I am going to give it a go — in all the ways that you suggest. My goal is to make progress by the time I’m 50 yo, which is in two months. No More Nubs or Bust!

  2. Marissa says:

    I’ve been a nail biter for as long as I can remember but for me, it’s the skin around my nails that’s the worst… I’ll pull at the skin and bite to the point that it starts bleeding and I have had to wrap all of my nails in bandages so they wouldn’t get infected. I’ve also been working in food service since I was 16 (I’m 20 now) so I’ve been pretty harsh on my hands. I definitely want to try these tips though now that I’m no longer working in food service and actually have an opportunity to be gentle with my hands.

      1. Emmory Shelton says:

        Thanks so much for me he tips I hope they work.I bite my nails so bad that I bite the skin around too!The tip about a reward was really good to a can’t believe I didn’t think of it before. Thanks again!

  3. Arneet says:

    I am also a nail biter plz tell me some tips to stop nail biting these are not my types tips to do and also tell the way that I can grow my nails as faster as possible with easy methods

    1. Lexis says:

      In this post, I detailed the tips that were able to help me stop biting my nails. I used a system of combining all of the above tips to stop my habit, but I’m always learning new ways to help, too. I use the cuticle oil and the nail strengthener to help grow my nails faster, but I also know a good diet full of protein helps, and taking vitamins for hair and nail growth, too. I actually am in the process of writing a post on nail growing tips! Stay tuned for that, or subscribe to get an email when I post it. 🙂

  4. Sissy says:

    I am a nail biter and I tried all of these tips but none of them seemed to stick so I did some research and I figured out that you can just mix lemon juice with clean nail polish and I stopped because of that! But thank you for the tips!

  5. Marta Proctor says:

    You nails are just beautiful now . I would love to be able to have my own nails like yours. I have been wearing false nails for over 40 years and I have tried several times to take them off and trying not to go back to acrylic nails. My own are so thin that if I hit the end of my fingers with any thing at all they really hurt with them off and the top is really rough and catch on everything, I file the top slightly with a soft nail file and put clear polish over but by next day polish is like gone and rough all over again. Any ways you probably know what I’m talking about, long story short do you really think there is any hope for my nails or I have just waited too long to the point that I don’t really have nails it’s just like skin ?

    1. Lexis says:

      Thank you so much! I’m so sorry, that sounds so painful!! I’m not a medical expert, but in my experience with nails, it’s never too late to start! It may take a while though; I learned that sometimes it takes a full new growth process, starting with the cuticle health and growing your nails out from there. So, it may take some time, but you can do it! Keep patient and keep me posted! 🙂

  6. Amber says:

    I use to bite my nails all the time growing up. I hated it. My problem was that I was mainly bored or thinking about my next step. Then one day, I decided to get a manicure. I kept the manicure for as long as I could. I didn’t want to destroy the beautiful work and have nail polish in my teeth. Eventually, I stopped biting my nails. I still bite my thumb nails on occasion but my nails are nice and healthy now.

  7. Aria says:

    I have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember. Growing up, that’s all I ever did and still do and it is truly my worst habit. I want to stop, of course, but it’s hard and I’ve tried absoultly everything that’s out there. But I feel like these tips might work and I’ll give them a shot.

    1. Lexis says:

      I can totally understand where you are coming from!! That was 100% me and I thought it would be forever. Nothing ever worked until I realized I needed more than just one tip; it really took a combination of tips, and ended up being one of the best life changes I’ve made!! Keep me posted on your journey!! 🙂

  8. Mary says:

    Really good tips Lexis! My nails are just weak, I’m not a nail biter, so I appreciated your tips for being mindful of what I do with my hands. Thank you!

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